When the Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health (MCMCH) was formed in 1983, its goal was simple… to be a voice in the political process for those who too often had no voice.

Today, MCMCH empowers parents, communities and professionals to join together and use their voices and votes to educate and inform policymakers who make laws, write regulations, and implement policies affecting the health of babies, children, and their families.

MCMCH believes…

  • Advocacy is most effective when practiced in a collaborative environment. The MCMCH Board of Directors is an organization of diverse partners, staff, and community consultants working closely with coalitions around the state so that our collective voices speak louder than we might as individuals.

  • Maternal and child health includes more than medical care. Social emotional health, education, and social supports are intimately connected with a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential in life and with a mother's or family’s ability to provide a positive, nurturing environment.

  • Any effort to improve the health of Michigan’s families and children must focus on the “big picture.” Prevention is an investment
in the economic well-being and quality of life of Michigan.

Guiding Principles of MCMCH...

Achieving its vision by adhering to these principles, MCMCH:

  • Believes assuring the health of every woman, child and family is essential to the future quality of life in Michigan.
  • Considers early and sustained prevention and intervention to assure the health of every family is a cost effective policy.

  • Understands that the health needs of women, children and families are intertwined with their social, emotional, financial and educational needs, and that comprehensive policies are necessary to affect and assure change.

  • Advocates for public policy at the national, state and local levels, but does not provide services, nor does it advocate on behalf of policy intended only to benefit individual members of the Council.

  • Participates in coalitions with other organizational and individual advocates and a variety of public and private stakeholders.