Advocacy for public policy that improves maternal and child health outcomes since 1983.

The Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health (MCMCH) has worked with administrators, legislators, policy-makers, coalitions, communities, and advocates to shape and influence state policy affecting women, infants, children, and families in Michigan. With a policy agenda crafted by the Executive Board, MCMCH has called for and succeeded in securing the establishment or expansion of policy and programs that have a meaningful impact on maternal and child health outcomes.

MCMCH believes...
• Advocacy is most effective when practiced in a collaborative environment.
The Council is an organization of diverse partners representing hospital
systems, statewide and local organizations, and individuals with an interest in
the advancement of maternal and child health. Members work closely with
coalitions around the state so that our collective voices speak louder than we
might as individuals.

• Maternal and child health includes more than medical care.
The health needs of women, children and families are intertwined with their
social, emotional, financial and educational needs, and all are intimately
connected with a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential in life, and a
family’s ability to provide a positive, nurturing environment.

• Any effort to improve the health of Michigan’s families must focus on
prevention. Early and sustained prevention and intervention is an investment
in the economic well-being and quality of life in Michigan, and essential for
battling some of the key challenges in our state, including infant mortality
and obesity.

Learn more about one of our policy initiatives here: the MI Dental Access Coalition is working to improve access to dental care for all Michigan residents. The coalition supports SB 541, which would license dental therapists to practice in Michigan.



 MCMCH is generously supported by our members some of which include: