True political power resides in the consensus created by individuals and collective communities around what they value and what will work for them locally. This power depends on community energy to raise priorities to the next level of consideration and action at the state level.

Much of our work at MCMCH is organized and designed to link communities and organizations to the policy and political process and to help envision strategies that inspire action and enable change- that work is made possible through the support of our members. 

We invite you to join MCMCH today, connect with the latest maternal and child health news, network with our Executive Board and become an active advocate for the MCH issues you care about most. The membership categories indicated below offer opportunities to join our council for organizations and individuals at a variety of levels. Please contact us to inquire about joining the Council. 

MCMCH offers organizations and individuals the opportunity to join the Council at a variety of levels:

SUSTAINING Membership ($25,000) Sustaining membership is reserved for health care institutions that have as their primary mission the advancement of maternal and child health. Sustaining membership includes a seat on the MCMCH Executive Board.

CONTRIBUTING Membership (Statewide $15,000; Regional/Local $10,000) Contributing membership allows nonprofit organizations and corporate entities with a maternal and child health interest to provide substantive support to MCMCH. Two contributing members are elected to serve on the MCMCH Executive Board.

PARTNERING Membership (Statewide $5,000; Regional/Local $2,000) Partnering members are those nonprofit, government or corporate entities that wish to work in collaboration with MCMCH to support issues related to maternal and child health.Two partnering members are elected to serve on the MCMCH Executive Board.

GENERAL Membership (Organizations $500) General members are organizations who wish to be kept informed of maternal and child health policy developments and advocacy issues. One general member is elected to serve on the MCMCH Executive Board.