June 20, 2014

ADVOCACY ALERT: Ask Governor Snyder to Veto E-Cigarette Bills

In light of the Legislature's approval last week of a package of bills that would define "vapor products" such as e-cigarettes, separately from tobacco products, MCMCH is urging members and your networks to contact Governor Snyder and urge him to veto this legislation. 

The bill package--Senate Bills 667 and 668 and House Bill 4997--would exempt e-cigarettes from tobacco regulations, benefiting the tobacco industry instead of public health.

MCMCH is particularly concerned with the increasing rate of use of e-cigarettes among young people and potential use by pregnant women who assume e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to smoking. Studies show that e-cigarette use more than doubled among U.S. middle and high school students from 2011-2012. According to the CDC, in 2012 more than 1.78 million middle and high school students nationwide had tried e-cigarettes.

Please contact Governor Snyder and ask him to support the Department of Community Health's opposition to the bills, as well as the opposition of nearly all of Michigan's leading health organizations, by vetoing Senate Bills 667, 668 and House Bill 4997.  We need his leadership in calling for a genuine legislative initiative to add e-cigarettes as a tobacco product. 


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